BAYAD By or Banat BUY?

BAYAD By or Banat BUY?

Leaving a Legacy by C. de los Angeles

PDP-LABAN Executive Director Ron Munsayac in his latest post on Twitter reiterated his plea that government money used on trolls, bloggers and online commentators to spread negativity, lies and political gain especially during this pandemic should best be spent helping our many countrymen who are hungry, jobless and are feeling hopeless.

It sickening how this current administration prioritizes, promotes and pays for this negativity in a vain attempt to keep their images afloat and to help keep themselves in power despite the obvious mismanagement of the crisis. Save for a few hardworking cabinet sectaries who are doing an excellent job especially with the Build, Build, Build like the DPWH and Dotr there are so many incompetent still in position who would otherwise be instantly removed had they been in the corporate world; with the DOH as the most glaring. 

In her latest post, Fil-Am Vlogger Maharlika presented hard evidence that Banat By as well as his talent Mocha Uson are paid hacks out to falsely accuse and say outlandish things for anyone willing to pay them.

Some of their more prominent clients of course is the current President Duterte as well a former Speaker Cayetano. 

Blogger Maharlika

Palabra de Honor

In my previous article last October, “Cayetano Quotes the Bible”, I spoke about Speaker Cayetano and his lack of the Philippine value “Palabra de Honor” Both the former speaker and his puppy, Banat Buy, both lack the following value. They are the epitome of being a prostitute and the cause of the the social decay we are facing.

During the same time last year, Banat BUY, in his forever outlandish and crass style went as far as claiming he will chop off his private parts if then Congressman Lord Velasco becomes Speaker of the House. Unfortunately for him despite all his whining online he was proven wrong. Congressman Lord become Speaker Lord thanks to Mayor Inday Sara Duterte and Banat Buy’s boss former speaker Cayetano lost his position.

Banat By Video

Banat BUY, we are waiting for you to be a man of your word and integrity and live up to your supposed commitment to chop it off since you were proven wrong.

Even with Fil-Am blogger Maharlika who shared how she paid Banat BUY however he, conveniently claimed that he can not remember  or recall of any instance and again made an outlandish claim that he will double the amount should Maharlika produce any concrete evidence. Unfortunely for him the fiery Fil-Am from the US is well organized and kept a record. She presented a transfer of 30,000 pesos to Banat BUY.

Pay Up or Shut Up

Time to pay up for what you owe even if this is only a few of the many times you were proved wrong and shown how you spread fake news by backing it up not with real facts but with outlandish claims. 

Shall I send you scissors? Will you do it live? As for Blogger Maharlika, I believe you have her bank details as she already promised to donate the 60,000 pesos you now owe her to fellow Maharlikan in need. 

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