Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna are now engaged

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna are now engaged

MANILA—“Game Over!”

These were the words of Ellen Adarna when she happily announced her engagement to her boyfriend Derek Ramsay, 44, as she shared the photos this Holy Tuesday, March 30 of Derek’s proposal to marry her.

She first shared a wacky shot of Derek’s face being crumpled by her hand while showing the engagement ring with a teardrop diamond stone.

Ellen’s solo picture followed where she looked like crying when Derek proposed marriage to her,  few days before their monthsary as sweethearts. On Ellen’s background are the words “Will You Marry Me?”

Other photos showed Derek and Ellen embracing each other as Ellen cried tears of joy.  Based on the photos, Ellen was obviously caught by surprise.

The newly-engaged couple also had photos with their respective sons, Elias, and Austin, 17.

Elias is Ellen’s son with his ex-boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz while Austin is Derek’s son with his ex-wife Mary Christine Jolly.

the whirlwind romance

Derek and Ellen’s love story started in a dinner party organized by Derek at their house on January 11, 2021.

They met through Derek’s best friend John Estrada, who was Ellen’s co-star in a show on TV5.

It so happened that Ellen and Derek are neighbours and since they got together in that dinner party, the two have become inseparable. They became an item on February 4, 2021. They admitted their relationship to (Philippines Entertainment Portal) on February 26, 2021.

As early as January 19, 2021, Derek shared that their personalities match and they are not afraid to show how they feel and what they think. According to Derek, their past relationships or “exes” will not be an issue to both of them.

“Blindsided” by love

Since they became an item, Derek has been open about how she feels for Ellen and admitted that he has found his match in her. The hunk actor admitted that he is an alpha male, and his female counterpart is Ellen who, like him has a strong personality.

According to the newly-engaged in one of their interviews, their “worst foot forward” in knowing each other has been effective. They are open and they are not afraid to show things that are normally discovered between couples as they go along in their relationship.

Ellen even said in an interview on RX 93.9 on March 4, she had the impression that Derek is a “f**k boy and a “maniac.” Derek had been involved with several personalities in the past and has remained an elusive bachelor till Ellen came. But she discovered that the actor is “very sweet and very respectful.”

Ellen even gamely said that it took some time before Derek made his first move. In fact, she was the one who planted him a kiss before she got off the car when Derek brought her home in one occasion.

Derek said he is proud to say he admires Ellen for being a very responsible mother that even if she partied the whole night, Ellen would be awake at 5am to attend to her son Elias.(ECD/MTVN with photos from @maria.elena.adarna’s Instagram

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