Watch Lenten recollections instead of movies, faithful urged

Watch Lenten recollections instead of movies, faithful urged

MANILA – A Catholic prelate on Thursday urged the faithful to reflect through watching his diocese’s Lenten recollections and events narrating the passion of Jesus Christ on online video-sharing platform YouTube.

“As our faithful stays at home, it is a help for them stay at home and remain at home, be catechized by watching our Diocesan YouTube Lenten recollections and passion scenes, instead of watching Netflix or navigating online channels,” Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos said in an interview.

Santos added that these were filmed a month ago by the Our Lady of the Pilar Parish in Morong.

On the other hand, the faithful will be able to watch the diocese’s Senakulo on Good Friday at 9 p.m. via Facebook Live @OLPPMorong1607.

“Senakulo makes our young people active in the parish, creative in reaching to others and maximize their talents for the service of the Diocese and for God’s glory,” he said.

Senakulo, a play about the life and passion of Jesus, is one of the highlights of the faithful’s commemoration of Holy Week. (PNA)

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