Global Icon Manny Pacquiao speaks up for all Asians on #StopAsianHate

Global Icon Manny Pacquiao speaks up for all Asians on #StopAsianHate

Leaving a Legacy by C. de los Angeles

Lately, there has been an increase in asian hate crimes around the world. Stop AAPI Hate revealed in March that there were 3,800 incidents reported during the course of the pandemic and probably countless others that remain unreported. Last February, a 61-year old Filipino- American man was attacked with a box cutter in the subway in New York. Most recently, this week, an elderly Filipino immigrant was brutally attacked on a New York City sidewalk.

The Senator released a bold statement to “Fight him instead” in defense of the countless defenseless asians being brutally assaulted around the world. 

This statement was translated to various asian languages and was carried all around the world. From New York, UK, Mexico, Brasil, Turkey and most especially across Asia from China, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia among many others around the world.

While globally the sentiment was very good and many Asians appreciative of the fighting Senator taking up their cause and being in solidarity with our Asian brothers and sisters around the world, the troll army in the Philippines from both the DDS and Dilaw were quick to attack and belittle the global icons effort.

What the Filipinos should not forget is that we should be blessed that someone in our generation has become not only a filipino hero or boxing legend but an international global icon. This issue of #StopAsianHate transcends our islands and even our local Politics. This is about raising awareness of a global issue. No different to what Muhammad Ali, George Clooney, Pele, Angelina Jolie, Michael Jordan, Nelson Mandela, or even Queen Elizabeth does when they issue statements to raise awareness on global issues that affect this generation. 

Senator Manny Pacquiao whether his detractors like it or not he is a GLOBAL ICON. His voice and opinions matter around the world. It was through him and his victories in the ring that millions around the world even knew the Philippines existed.

And again the numerous stories around the world only proves this. Senator Manny Pacquiao’s opinion matters to the world. He is respected and idolized not only for his exploits in the ring but also for his compassion in protecting and helping the weak and those in need.

Mabuhay ka Senator #MannyPacquiao and together lets #StopAsianHate!

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