FLAG MAHARLIKA: “Wake Up! We are at war with China and we need to prepare”

FLAG MAHARLIKA: “Wake Up! We are at war with China and we need to prepare”

Manila – Nationalistic Party list group, FLAG MAHARLIKA issued the following statement:

“Wake up! We are at war with China and we need to prepare” 


Over the past years China has slowly been taking over our country. Most recently, they have sent over 200 ships in tightly packed formation laying claim to all our areas off Palawan.

But this has been going on for years underneath our noses. The Pogo industry has brought in 3 million Chinese into our country with an average age of 25 years old. This dwarfs our military force of 125,000 and this is 3% of our population.

They control our power and communications. National Grid Corporation is owned by the Chinese with local partners while the third telecom, Ditto, is also owned by the Chinese with local partners. What is interesting with Ditto is they have a partnership with the military where they set up cell towers in all military bases in exchange for providing communications which they probably bugged.

And despite overtures that China is an ally and our Asian brother, they took advantage of us while we are at the weakest. While we suffer from COVID they laid claim to all our areas within their self proclaimed nine dash line despite the international courts saying it is illegal.  This was also done while the French, US, Australia and other countries forces are in the area. 

China knows they are all suffering from COVID and can not afford to go to war so they called the bluff of western powers and we are now suffering because of that.

Our real allies if there are any, need to stand up and help defend our country but more importantly we as a nation need to prepare ourselves and show to China that despite how futile it may seem, we will not go down without a fight. 

That till our last blood we will fight any form of annexation and let this be a warning to our fellow ASEAN nations if it can be done to us, it is only a matter of time they will do the same to them as well.

Let us remember our shared history and culture. Let us stand united today against this tyranny. 

For together as a country and with our ASEAN blood brothers we stand a better chance at combatting China’s expansionist and bullying behavior.

We can not count on the West but only ourselves. So let us unite today and prepare like we have never before because the threat is real and imminent.

China has invaded the Philippines at the West Philippine Sea

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