A Serious Remark and Interesting Snippets

A Serious Remark and Interesting Snippets

Although he was renowned as a mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, Omar Khayyam may be best known today for his poetry. Born in Nishapur, Persia (located in modern-day Iran) in 1048, Khayyam is believed to have been the son of a tent-maker, which is the literal meaning of his name, al-Khayyam.

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

— Omar Khayyam

IN a serious note, Taiwan’s transport minister announced he would step down after he and the manager of a construction site—whose truck slid onto rail tracks caused a catastrophic train crash—accepted responsibility for the disaster.

In the island country’s worst rail accident in seven decades, 50 people were confirmed dead after the jam-packed express train carrying almost 500 passengers and crew slammed into the truck near the eastern city of Hualien on Friday last week, causing it to derail and the train’s front part to crumple.

The construction site manager, identified as Lee Yi-hsiang and whose truck is suspected of not having its brakes properly applied, read out a statement apologizing for what happened as police took him away from his residence: “I deeply regret this and express my deepest apologies. I will definitely cooperate with the prosecutors and police in the investigation, accept the responsibility that should be borne, and never shirk it. Finally, I once again express my sincerest apologies.”

Talk about officials who know how to accept their mistakes—and will this kind of deep regret ever be experienced by our own officials here in the Philippines?
Just asking . . .

AND now we go to the interesting snippets I read in the net and I’m sharing them as is . . .

Jill the flight attendant

Joe Biden was elected to the White House to bring the world a little peace and quiet. But no one told his wife Jill, nor their dog Major.

The First Lady is an inveterate prankster, once stuffing herself into an overhead locker on Air Force Two when her husband was vice president and then shouting “Boo!” at the person who opened it.

Dr Biden struck again on Air Force One on April 1, disguising herself as a flight attendant called ‘Jasmine’ to hand out ice cream bars to the press corps flying with her husband.

Minutes later she reappeared, removed her wig and shouted “April Fools!”

Reporters admitted they were completely fooled.

Some journalists are worried she might next appear as the couple’s Alsatian dog Major, who bit a second White House official this week.

He is also suspected of pooping outside the White House Palm Room on Wednesday.

‘Let’s talk about me . . .

Conscious that the world could not do without him for another second, former president Donald Trump returned to the spotlight at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida by taking the mike after gate crashing a wedding reception.

John and Megan Arrigo were thrilled until Trump opened his mouth. “Enough about the couple, do you miss me yet?” Trump declared.

He then harped on for 20 minutes about his lost election and why he was a much better leader than ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden before finally remembering the newlyweds.

Toddler nukes world

If you have ever wondered how the world will end, we know now—with a child playing with a parent’s phone when they are trying to work from home.

US Strategic Command, which controls America’s massive nuclear arsenal, set red lights flashing when it tweeted what many took to be a cryptic launch code ‘;l;;gmlxzssaw’.

With the Kremlin caught between the fear of impending Armageddon and the hope that someone had mistakenly slipped them the codes, Stratcom admitted they had fallen victim to a toddler with a telephone.

Forced to juggle work and child-care, one of their officials had let his precious work phone fall into his child’s hands.

Swiss move goalposts

Nothing like that could happen of course in Switzerland, land of precision, probity and Sepp Blatter where its latest World Cup qualifying game was halted when officials discovered one of the goals was too big—by a whopping 10 cm (4 inches).

Kick-off was delayed so they could be replaced. Despite the smaller target the Swiss still beat Lithuania 1-0.

You won’t be angry, Dad?

The son of a French police chief has some explaining to do after driving his father’s car with sirens blazing at three times the speed limit around Clermont-Ferrand, flying over speed bumps in its narrow streets at more than 120 kph (75 mph).

When the 18-year-old—who did not have a license—was finally caught after a chase he tried to talk his way out by pretending to be his father by flashing his police ID.

IF you’re asking why I shared these interesting snippets, my main reason is to lighten my readers’ mood (but primarily because I got tired last week from the lockdown and lack of exercise while I slouched around the house doing nothing). (ia/mtvn)

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