Janella Salvador, Markus Paterson slam bashers of their son

Janella Salvador, Markus Paterson slam bashers of their son

MANILA—Like other parents who are always on guard to protect their child, so is young showbiz couple Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson who were not able to control their anger and slammed the bashers of their five-month old baby boy Jude Trevor.

Janella took to her Instagram and poured out her anger while Markus threatened to get back to the basher who made fun of their son’s looks.

It turned out that the bashing stemmed from a netizen after Erich posted photos on her Facebook with Jude Trevor on March 30, the day she visited Janella.  There were netizens who mocked the innocent child.

Markus posted on Twitter this morning, April 7, Wednesday the screenshots of how the netizens bashed and laughed at their son.

The netizens commented on Erich’s photo while carrying the child of Janella and Markus. A basher wrote: (published as is): “jusko po panginoong mahabagin bat ganyan ang mukha ng batang yan.”

This was followed by the comments of others who seemed to know the basher as they laughed on the comments. It was even followed by another comment who swipe at the couple as being “sinners.”

On Markus’ previous tweets, he said that he would run after those who mocked his innocent baby.

Markus declared: “Let’s be honest. I’m no stranger to bashing. But come for my son and I will come for you.

“People like this make me sick, wala pang isang taon anak ko and ya’ll making fun of a NEWBORN.

“Not gonna erase the names, proud nyo eh.”

The basher did not stop and reposted the previous post of Markus carrying his naked baby.  In the comment, the basher called Markus “stupid” and called his baby “damulag.” Markus reposted it.

His next tweet stated (published as is): “for the people in this post, I have no words other than I hope you someday find the happiness you need to fulfill that hole in your hearts.

“Maybe one day I can check on you all, Since I have your names.”

Furious Janella

In her tweets, Janella warned not to touch her child because she made sure they will hear from her. She reposted the profile picture of the basher.

Janella twitted: “Your humor must be really f*c*ed up to make fun of a baby. I can take all the bashing in the world directed at me with grace, but direct it at my innocent son and you’ll definitely hear from me.”

Her last word for the basher: “PS you sure about making fun of Jude’s face? You sure, bud? Sure na? Yikes. Ayt [smirking face moji]” She included how the basher looks like.

Markus reposted the screenshots of the bashers and the messages on his Instagram account. (ECD/MTVN)

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