Rhian Ramos tested positive for COVID-19

Rhian Ramos tested positive for COVID-19

MANILA—Rhian Ramos revealed that she has been tested positive for the corona virus disease (COVID-19).

On her Instagram account on Wednesday, Rhian shared her photo with her road manager Rach Librado and followed it with a video of their recovery.

The Kapuso actress showed her positive result and shared how she and her road manager helped each other on how to recover.

“It started with a fever. We isolated for a few days but found out we were both positive. Started feeling better day four to six,” Rhian said.

She also said that it seemed that their days were like a “rollercoaster ride” while recovering—from “better” which became “worse”  or vice versa. Despite this, they remained “motivated and focused on their health.”

“We still found things to laugh about because despite the scary days, at least we had each other,” the Kapuso actress said.

In her caption, Rhian wrote that they are “out of the woods” while saying they are “grateful” about the “life, health, love and friendship.”

Rhian gave a message to all who tested positive to the disease to remain strong. (ECD/MTVN)

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