Kapuso artist Migo Adecer bids showbiz goodbye

Kapuso artist Migo Adecer bids showbiz goodbye

MANILA—GMA7 artist Migo Adecer has decided to quit showbiz and has flown back to Australia on April 9, Friday, in the evening.

According to some sources, the Starstruck Ultimate Survivor felt the anxiety brought by the COVID-19 situation in the country after finishing the TV series “Waray vs. Anak ni Biday.”

People close to him say, he might have suffered from boredom and at the same time misses his family.  He could also be missing his non-showbiz girlfriend who is based in Hong Kong. The situation might have caught up with him that led to his anxiety.

During the past months, Mico mentioned that he has many plans for his career in showbiz. He wanted to delve into the music scene that he already started to record his own songs.  He even proudly announced that he has done a lot of songs, albeit, he is not sure if people will like them, especially his fans.

But because of this pandemic, it became so hard to do what he planned to do, especially now that the situation has gone from bad to worst. So he decided to stop and go home to his family in the Land Down Under.

In Migo’s text to a friend before his boarded the plane, he said, “Decided to hang up the coat. Just wasn’t feeling it anymore! And I wanted to be closer to my family.”

Migo is one of the promising Kapuso actors and he is yet to show and prove to the public his talent as an artist. People say that he is still young and they are hoping he would come back with a good offer for a work on TV, music or movie.

The Kapuso network is already pushing for the loveteam of Mico and Kate Valdez after they have taken the lead roles in the second instalment of “My Fantastic Pag-ibig” anthology on GTV(formerly GMA News TV) in February.

Their tandem also guested on the series of  “Heartful Café” with Julie Anne San Jose and David Licauco also to be shown on GTV.

So everybody was surprised when Mico suddenly posted on Friday at 11pm: “Alright peeps, this is it. Time for me to head out with a bang!

“Thank you for the memories and thank you for the support! There were a lot of good (and bad) memories that were made during my stay here but they all made me who I am today!

“Met the love of my life here and worked with some hectic people! To the Philippines I bid you farewell…”

Migo thanked his home network GMA 7 and the GMA Artist Center for what he said was an “epic opportunity to work for you guys.”

He also thanked his fans, the Migonatics for their love and support.  His message to them: “And for one last time, Keep Up The Hype! See you on the flip side (get it?)!”

It was Cassy Legaspi who seemed to know Migo’s plans to leave showbiz. She commented on Migo’s IG post, “He finally announced it! We’ll miss you Douglas!!!!!”

Douglas Errol Adecer is Migo’s real name. He rose to fame when he was proclaimed Starstruck Ultimate Male Survivor on its 6th season from September to December 2015.

Migo is supposedly taking the lead role in a new show.

And he might be taking showbiz as just a phase in his life.

In situations like we have here, he is aware and has the options to leave the country. 

According to reports, Australia’s cases on COVID-19 have been contained and with the hope of the vaccine.

Migo’s handlers at the GMA Artist Center(GMAAC) said that they don’t consider the actor’s move as quitting showbiz.

They just allowed him to rest, because he terribly misses his family, the reason why he really wants to go home.

The young actor is still under the GMAAC. (ECDiao/MTVN)

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