Statistically tied for 1st: Isko, Manny, Sara, BBM

Statistically tied for 1st: Isko, Manny, Sara, BBM

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Publicus Asia recently release their survey results and its shows that it is a four way race between Isko, Manny, Sara and BBM. All are statistically tied for first place. A key component in understanding survey’s is not so much the rank but also noticing the margin of error, which is normally plus or minus 3.

Margin of Error

For the most survey’s the margin of error + or – 3 meaning the results can go up or down there points.

The reason for this margin of error is because your are surveying only a small sample size.

Presidential results

Based on there most recent survey factoring the margin of error the results will look like this:

Bong Bong Marcos 10.6-16.6%

Manny Pacquiao 9.8 – 15.8%

Sara Duterte: 13.7 – 19.7%

Isko Moreno 11.7 – 17.7%

So there is an overlap meaning anyone one of these 4 names can win the election if they voted last month during when the survey was conducted.

No.1 in the Senate results

While in the Senate results factoring the margin of error the results to top the Senate race:

Isko Moreno 65.93-71.93%

Manny Pacquiao 63.27-69.27%

Doc Willie Ong 60.27-66.27%

So either of the three names are statistically tied for first place however with Isko Moreno and Manny Pacquiao both aiming for a run at the Presidency it looks like Doc Willie Ong will top the Senate results based on this survey.

Trust Rating in the Senate

While for incumbent Senators, Senator Manny Pacquiao was a run away as the most trusted among the incumbent Senators at 53.266% followed only by Bong Go at 35%.

This trust rating shows that people believe and trust the sincerity of his efforts. 


With the election a little over a year away, the race can go any which way but strong contenders are Senator Manny Pacquiao and Isko Moreno. With the Senator having a slight edge due to his nationwide acceptance and high trust rating.

You can find the survey results here:

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