DOH logs 8K+ positive Covid-19 cases

DOH logs 8K+ positive Covid-19 cases

By Amado Inigo

MANILA — Three days into the modified enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila and nearby provinces and elsewhere, infections of the coronavirus disease slowed down a bit on Wedneday (14 April 2021) as the Department of Health recorded a lower number of positive cases.

The DOH said the country only had 8,122 additional cases of the virus even as it also recorded 501 recoveries and 162 fatalities.

Of the total number of recorded cases in the country, 19.4 % (173,047) were active cases, 78.9 % (704,386) recovered, and 1.73 % (15,447) died.

In all, the country already has an accumulated number of 892,880 cases since the outbreak of the virus in March last year, including 704,386 survivors, and 15,447 deaths.

Active cases or those patients recovering or undergoing treatment in different hospitals scattered throughout the country were recorded at 173,047.

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Worldwide cases

Meanwhile, cases worldwide of Covid-19 infections already reached 137,209,066 including 2,956,537 deaths.

The United States remains as the most impacted country in the world with 31,369,429 cases followed by India (13,873,825 ), Brazil (13,599,994), France (5,068,534), and Russia (4,605,444).

Rounding out the Top 10 are United Kingdom (4,375,814), Turkey (3,962,760), Italy (3,793,033), Spain (3,376,548), and Germany (3,054,025).

Other countries with million cases include Poland (2,599,850), Argentina (2,579,000), Colombia (2,569,314), Mexico (2,286,352) Iran (2,118,212), Ukraine (1,925,224), Peru (1,659,707), Czechia (1,585,037), Indonesia (1,577,526), South Africa (1,559,960), Netherlands (1,364,025), Chile (1,088,710), Canada (1,078,562), and Romania (1,012,373). (AI/MTVN)

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