Previously suspended DDS blogger / lawyer Trixie Cruz – Angeles makes wild assumption and wrong conclusion

Previously suspended DDS blogger / lawyer Trixie Cruz – Angeles makes wild assumption and wrong conclusion

La industrial by Sixto Guevarra

In a post on April 14, DDS blogger and disgraced lawyer Trixie Angeles cites an article in Politiko narrating a supposed meeting between President Duterte and Sen. Manny Pacquiao that occurred on the week before March 22 or between March 15-21 in which the President allegedly thumbed down a Pacquiao Presidential run. Due to this, Atty. Trixie accuses some of the “Senator’s men” as bashing the President on Social Media. She posts a certain Winchell Campos and a Benjie Rustia as proof.

First, the article in Politko could not have happened as there was no Malacanang meeting that occurred in March 15-21. In fact, as recalled there has been a series of COVID outbreak involving people around the President recently which limited any face to face meetings. Add to this the President’s hide and seek episode.

Second, all news accounts and the Senator’s own words show that he has not officially declared to run for President. So how can anyone thumb down something which does not even exist?

Third, who in the world are these “Senator’s men”? Do they work for him? Are they his senate staff? Inquiries in the senate, show no staff with those names. The Senator has been a loyal supporter of the party and the President especially when the policies are in align with his personal beliefs of what is best for the country and the Filipino people. He has never been vocally critical of this administration and if ever gave constructive comments on how to improve this country. Whoever these Senators men are, I don’t believe the good Senator has any control over the opinions of other people. Why would this failed lawyer attribute someone else’s dislike of the government to the good Senator. No wonder she was suspended, she has flawed logic and probably was a horrible lawyer that is why she has restarted her career as a DDS blogger. Recently, many DDS bloggers like Banat By attacked the Senator. Are we to assume that the President likewise instructed or ordered these attacks on his allies? Of course not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we must respect that. They must also respect that not everyone are blind DDS followers. Whether one is DDS or not, each person is entitled to his belief.

It is truly disappointing that once allies are resorting to these kinds of black propaganda. Instead of fostering unity and inclusive leadership to solve these unprecedented problems we are facing they are focused on finger-pointing, false accusations and blaming others. 

Honestly, Atty. Trixie I listen to your vlogs and they are normally quite informative but let us stick to the facts and leave “chismis” at the door. 

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