Open Letters, Public Advise and General Statements Urging Pacquiao to…

Open Letters, Public Advise and General Statements Urging Pacquiao to…

Leaving a Legacy by C. De los Angeles

Mid last year, I wrote on my column an article entitled “The Philippines Needs a Hero” which outlines my views on this issue and my beliefs which still holds true today. In the past month certain politicians, bloggers / vloggers, columnists and keyboard warriors having been offering “friendly” advice to their “idol” Manny Pacquiao to not run for the highest office of the land, The Presidency.

There are numerous variations to their suggested narrative but the framework is all the same. They start by extolling the good virtues and deeds of the Senator both in and out of the ring. They highlight they are a “fan” in his boxing career and they admire his selfless giving back to his fellow man (not just Filipinos but everyone). Then they express “concern” that seeking the Presidency will only be a waste of money. They further argue that you do not need to be the President to help your country. Lastly, they begin their insult either saying he is not smart or competent enough to be President.

Let us not fool ourselves anyone who follows the above narrative is a paid hack out to do a demolition job against the good Senator. For the last 20 years I have been involved in media and public relations I will not be a hypocrite and say many of us write with the cleanest intentions. We are all hired for one particular job and that is to sway public opinion to your side especially those from main stream media. If you are good then your client wins. That’s the Truth!

As to me, I do not write for any main stream media and I am no longer connected to any. All I have is my keyboard, my personal opinion, and the black hole that is the Internet to express my personal views and beliefs. If no one listens or if someone does – I don’t care. My goal is to express myself and realize my thoughts.

But in all the years in this business I have never witnessed an “attack” which starts with a praise. Why is that? There has never been in the history of politics someone who is genuinely loved by almost everyone in the the country and around the world. Even in boxing all his rivals became his friends. His sincere love and dedication to uplift his fellow man is not a joke – he lives and breathes it everyday. Way before he become a politician until this day. He has been consistent in his action which shows it is real. 

Using personal money, he has supported thousands of scholars and given thousands more of FREE homes to the homeless. Please note the word FREE, I am a low cost housing developer which pays for my bills and I thought I was doing the world a favor with my work yet he gives it away. He puts me to shame. 

Of course one can argue that we should not rely on one mans money or Pacquiao does not have the money to lift the millions out of poverty. This argument is valid of course and the main reason why Pacquiao should run for the Presidency. With the heart of service and with the resources of the government – which is really our money. How many more can he help?

As to competence or intellect, one does not need to know it all to be president. The best leaders are able to inspire and attract the best people to join their cause. And with a clean and pure heart set the direction that will bring our country to progress.

I do not know if you noticed but recently, he has made several posts in his social media accounts which was carried around the world. Yes, around the world. Almost every MAJOR news outlet in the world carried various news about Pacquiao and it has nothing to do with boxing. He took a stand and brought to light the situation of #StopAsianHate, he commended his former rival Juan Manuel Marquez on being inspired by him to fight corruption in Mexico, and lately he supported MMA fighters Dustin Poirier and Justin Wren in building homes for the homeless in Uganda. 

This GLOBAL Status allows him to seek and attract global leaders to help him should he be President. This is not possible by any other President both past or currently considering the higher office. His global status gives him a large voice in this world and along with the pure heart to serve will be the deciding factor which will bring and propel our country to greatness.

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