Paolo Bediones admits to being nervous about his TV comeback

Paolo Bediones admits to being nervous about his TV comeback

MANILA—Broadcaster Paolo Bediones admitted recently that he is being nervous about his upcoming TV comeback after five years of absence when he decided to temporarily bow out of the TV screen.

According to Paolo, he feels different as the day approaches when he is back to the profession which changed his life.

Starting Monday, May 3, Paolo is back on the TV screen with his own program “Frontline Sa Umaga” on TV5.

Paolo confessed that he has been praying to God that he would be given a chance to return to television, and this “Frontline Sa Umaga” is an answered prayer.

“To be honest, I haven’t felt this nervous for quite some time. When I got the call from Ma’am Luchi Cruz Valdes of TV5 and was offered the program, I was ecstatic and extremely grateful.

“For years, I have been praying for the right opportunity to return to television, but I guess God had other plans for me back then,” Paolo shared.

“I took a break from television in 2016 to pursue my Masters in Entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Management.

“That was what pushed me to start different business ventures in construction, television production and food service.

“This has been a very challenging year, especially for our restaurant Punta that used to be a venue for live music, great food and drinks.

“With the production house, we have been very busy with the creation of television lesson for DepEdTV, with more than a thousand episodes aired already. I am so proud of our Teacher Broadcasters and my team.

“The last few shows I did for TV5, aside from the newscast, was a program called “Astig” (a sports science program), “Demolition Job” (ala Mythbusters), and “Rescue 5.”

“Since I started on television way back in 1996, I have hosted over 30 television shows, most popular of course was “Extra Challenge” and “Survivor Philippines” with GMA-7.

“I also produced and hosted a music themed show for Cignal back in 2017 called “Good Vibes with Paolo,” which showcased up-and-coming OPM artists,” Paolo recalled   his hosting career on telebisyon.

While the whole world is fighting agains the coronavirus pandemic, Paolo is thankful to God because of the beautiful things happening in his life these days.

He and his fiancée Lara Morena adopted a baby girl and they are already planning their wedding, and now, he is back on television soon.

This brought Paolo to strengthen his faith that everything will be done according to God’s plan, purpose and time,

“I am excited to get started on my new show, “Frontline sa Umaga. It’s a 30-minute program starting at 6 a.m. every Monday to Friday where you get all the news and information you need to start your day.

“It will be a fast-paced newscast covering traffic, weather, price watch, health tips, sports, entertainment, and of course, something we always need: Good News.

“The best part about everything is that I am done by 6:30 a.m., just in time to be a girl dad to our baby and be a househusband to Mylene (Lara ‘s real name) for a few hours before heading to the office.

“One thing I learned thru the years is this: Everything really happens in His time.” (ECD/MTVN)

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