Alice Dixson is back in the country with her baby

Alice Dixson is back in the country with her baby

MANILA—Alice Dixson is back in the country with her child Baby A.

On her Instagram account, the actress uploaded a video as her plane was about to land while she is carrying her Baby A in her arms.

“Touch down ✈️ 🇵🇭,” was her short message in her caption.

In her next post, Alice showed the hotel where she and her baby would stay for their quarantine procedure, following the safety protocol for arriving passengers from abroad. According to her, she chose the hotel near her baby’s doctor where she would complete the quarantine period.

Last Holy Week, the actress announced that she had her prayers answered and that is to have a child. Alice also shared the good news as what she called “munting himala.” 

“Despite the unexpected trials this year. God gave us a little miracle,” she stated.

The actress also related that for the past 10 years, her only wish every birthday is to be blessed with a child.

“For those of you who really know me — you’ve known that I’ve been praying for this every year on my birthday for 10 years now. Each year, my wish was the same when I blew out my candles,” Alice said.

“So with great patience, belief and trust – I am happy to announce my wish has finally come true!

“Our newest little family member has arrived.”(ECD/MTVN)

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