India Covid-19 cases now 19.5M after 392K new infections

India Covid-19 cases now 19.5M after 392K new infections

NEW DELHI – India on Sunday recorded more than 392,000 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, official figures reveal.

A total of 392,488 cases were registered taking the total to 19.5 million.

With a record 3,689 deaths in the last 24 hours, the total virus-linked deaths stand at 215,542, according to the Health Ministry.

The cases were slightly less than what was recorded Saturday when the nation crossed 400,000 daily cases, a new global record.

Figures show that the national capital of New Delhi registered 25,219 cases and a record number of 412 deaths. The worst affected state of Maharashtra saw more than 63,000 cases and 802 deaths.

Amid the exponential rise in cases and deaths, which has nearly brought health systems to a collapse, the country started vaccinating everyone on Saturday above the age of 18.

Several states, however, citing vaccine shortage, have announced a delay in the rollout of the vaccination drive.

The government has begun receiving aid from different nations.

It said that it is looking to soon receive oxygen generating plants and oxygen concentrators from abroad.

The country has been facing a huge shortage of oxygen in hospitals that has led to patient deaths.

Twelve patients died on Saturday as oxygen ran out in a New Delhi hospital. (Anadolu)

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