Zsa Zsa Padilla flies to US for check-up, denies she contracted COVID-19

Zsa Zsa Padilla flies to US for check-up, denies she contracted COVID-19

MANILA—Singer-actress Zsa Zsa Padilla had told some of her press friends a year ago that she would be having a check up and undergo MRI(magnetic resonance imaging).  Prior to her post on her Instagram last Saturday, May 1, she said that it was so hard to schedule a check up in the hospital due to COVID-19 surge.

So it was not a surprise to know that she and partner Conrad Onglao flew to the US to have her check-up with Conrad’s sibling who is a doctor in California.

There were questions that came out on the comments of her IG post, that she is infected with corona virus, but she categorically denied that she contracted COVID-19.

Her test prior to her departure stated she was negative to COVID 19. This trip would also be Zsa Zsa and Conrad’s extended anniversary celebration after their vacation in Cebu. Just last March, Zsa Zsa and Conrad marked their third anniversary as a couple. 

The Divine Diva posted a photo of her wearing a hospital gown on Instagram, she said she flew to United States to get a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan because hospitals in Metro Manila are crowded with COVID-19 cases.

 “As some of you might already know, I’m in the US now to continue my check up. So much have been said about my condition, since I tweeted that I was experiencing leg and back pain for 5 days and couldn’t have an MRI in Manila because of the COVID cases in hospitals. I also heard recently that I’ve had COVID. It’s not true,” Zsa Zsa wrote in the caption.

She shared that her back and leg pain problem started last year and that she was advised to get an MRI but was not able to do it due to her fear of enclosed spaces.

“Last year, I started having problems with the nerves on my legs and some lower back pains. My doctor in Manila advised me to have an MRI but unfortunately, since it was my first time to do this procedure, I had no idea I would cry and back out due to claustrophobia,” the singer said.

“I didn’t want to risk having my tests back home. My partner, Conrad decided to take me to see his brother, Dr. Art Onglao, in California and he found a specialist for me. I also needed check up with my Ob-Gyn and luckily, my nerve specialist is married to an Ob-Gyn! What were the chances?! Since we arrived, I have been busy with all my much needed consultation and tests,” Zsa Zsa said, who also shared that she finally underwent MRI scan.

“Today, I had my last test — ironically the MRI I most dread. What a finale, Huh? I’m happy though that Art found a machine for me that is so much less threatening than a regular MRI. And I’ve conditioned myself well enough to be braver and to keep smiling. Let’s continue to take care of our health. Tomorrow, I will see my nerve specialist so he can give me his diagnosis. I know that everything will be okay. I just thought of sharing so you wouldn’t get fake news. Thanks for joining me. Take care now!” Zsa Zsa said. (ECD/MTVN)

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