Miss Myanmar has nowhere to go after escaping from her country to join Miss Universe 2020

Miss Myanmar has nowhere to go after escaping from her country to join Miss Universe 2020

DID you know that Miss Myanmar Thuzar Wint Lwin escaped from her country to join Miss Universe?

Due to the current situation that is going on in Myanmar, Thuzar’s escape could be compared to a suspense-thriller movie so she could fly to Florida, USA and be the country’s representative to the 69th Miss Universe pageant.

She was not noticed by the Myanmar border security when she left the country because Thuzar hid herself by wearing dark sunglasses and a hoodie.

Thuzar also send her national costume she would use in the pageant through an international courier company to  avoid the customs officials’ examination of her belongings.  

Unfortunately, her national costume failed to arrive in the United States as scheduled for reasons she doesn’t know.

But the Chin Community in Florida offered to make a costume for her which they called the “Fearless Empress.” As if to make up for her lost original costume, it became the winning national costume which carried a strong message “Pray for Myanmar.”

Thuzar was fully supported by the Chin Community because they, too, strongly condemn the violence that is happening in Myanmar.

Now, it is already impossible for Thuzar to go back to her country since she will be welcomed by an arrest warrant as the military junta learned about her escape.

Before she left Myanmar for the Miss Universe 2020 pageant, Thuzar was already active in the action protest in her country and she was using the social media to condemn the coup d’ etat which occurred in February 2021.

Thuzar knows that it is no longer safe for her to go back to Myanmar, and now, she doesn’t know where to go since  the 69th Miss Universe is over.

It was hoped that Thuzar would get help from the Miss Universe organizers or anybody from among her pageant sisters.

Despite the fact that there is no assurance of her future for her country, Thuzar remains positive with her message for her countrymen.

In her message, she said: “Myanmar, We did it and it wouldn’t be possible if it’s not for your love and support.

“I’m blessed and thrilled that we made it together all the way today.

“I wish I could have made you prouder. But I did my best and hope you all love what we got.

“And thank you so, so much to those who voted for Best National Costume. It’s more than a costume. It’s a message, spirit and solidarity. Be safe and God bless you all!”

There were more deserving and beautiful national costumes represented by other candidates but, no one protested against Thuzar’s winning the special prize.

The whole world heard her call to pray for her country and they all sympathize with Thuzar. Myanmar is now under the military junta since February 2021. There are lots of ongoing protests that have cost the lives of many civilians just to redeem their democracy that was taken away from them.

Apart from winning Best in National Costume, Thuzar also made it to the Top 21 in the 69th Miss Universe 2020 pageant which was held in Hollywood, Florida, USA. (ECD/MTVN)

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