Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughter Lorin joins showbiz, needs no consent from dad Yilmaz Bektas

Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughter Lorin joins showbiz, needs no consent from dad Yilmaz Bektas

MANILA—Ruffa Gutierrez’s eldest daughter, 17-year-old Lorin has also joined showbiz and is now a contract star of Viva Artists Agency (VAA).

In an interview, Lorin said that she did not ask the permission of her father Yilmaz Bektas.

“I didn’t necessarily get permission. Hindi naman ako nagtanong ng ‘Hey, is it okay if I do this?’

“But there’s an open line of communication po between my mom and my dad. They still communicate, to try it, co-parent me and Venice as best as possible. And my mom definitely informed him of it.

“Hindi naman siya blind in everything that’s happening in my life and we update him with what’s happening and take into account and respect his opinion naman.

According to Lorin, her decision to join showbiz was fully her own.

“And I, of course, have to ask permission from my mom, but I didn’t necessarily say that, ‘Can I join?’ But definitely, he’s aware and he knows about it.”

Lorin believes that this is the right time for her to fulfil her dream to follow the footsteps of her family and she is excited in this new chapter of her life.

“I’ve been waiting when is the right time to finally do this and follow in my family’s footsteps. And now that I’m almost 18, it just feels right. It feels like I’m comfortable finally.

“Never naman sinabi ng family ko na kailangan mong gawin ito ngayon or they never tried to rush me. They never tried to pressure me so parang everything was on my own pace and now I’m ready.

“I’m excited. Wala naman akong takot or nervousness.”

Lorin also said that joining showbiz is one great decision she made before she turns 18 this coming August 3, 2021. However, she is not planning to hold a grand celebration because of the current pandemic.

She stated that she had a pretty big 16th birthday celebration and it was just like she has experienced a grand party setting.

“Again, the pandemic made me realize what’s really important to me, what I valued in my life, and it seems unfair to have such a lavish celebration at this time in a world when so many people are suffering.

“I feel like, ayoko naman maging insensitive.

“And I would rather spend my 18th birthday just with the closest people to me while also giving back to those in need. That’s what I rather do po,” she added. (ECD/MTVN)

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