No serious post-jab cases recorded in C. Visayas so far

No serious post-jab cases recorded in C. Visayas so far

CEBU CITY – The team of specialists tasked to review post-vaccination issues has continued to monitor non-significant adverse events following immunization, a Department of Health-Central Visayas (DOH-7) official on Wednesday said.

Dr. Mary Jean Loreche, DOH-7 chief pathologist and Covid-19 regional spokesperson, said the Regional Adverse Events Following Immunization Committee (RAEFIC) has been reviewing post-inoculation reports from local government units and medical facilities giving vaccine jabs to priority individuals.

The team is composed of specialists in the field of cardiology, nephrology, neurology, hematology, infectious disease, epidemiology and pathology,

“Even the mild up to the serious events, we have a team reviewing post-vaccination adverse events,” Loreche said in a message to the Philippine News Agency, pointing out that the death of three individuals allegedly after getting inoculated has no “causal connection” with the vaccines they received.

The RAEFIC in Region 7 reviewed the case of a vaccinee from Talisay City who reportedly died last month after getting a jab of Sinovac vaccine and found that she was suffering from asthma but never asked for consultation and treatment before inoculation.

The second case was a vaccinee from Cebu City who died two to three days after he was vaccinated and yet his cardiac arrest has no link with the AstraZeneca vaccine he received, she said.

Loreche also said the third case was a vaccinee from Bohol who complained of chest pain but did not seek consultation. This vaccinee suffered a heart attack after drinking liquor shortly after taking his second dose of the Sinovac vaccine.

“Remember, there are two ways which we can actually link deaths from post-vaccination adverse events. These are autopsy and study of circumstantial evidences based on medical history and what transpired after vaccination up to the time of death,” she pointed out.

None of the three individuals who died after taking vaccine jabs have been autopsied, Loreche said, and their cases were reviewed based on the circumstantial evidence available.

The report from the RAEFIC in Central Visayas is being forwarded to the national level.

“We need at least once a month to review adverse events. The committee will discuss each case of individuals who have reported adverse events following vaccination,” she said.

Meanwhile, Loreche said the DOH-7 has targeted to finish vaccination in Metro Cebu and “economic areas” in Cebu province by yearend, “provided we have enough vaccines” to cover the priority list. (PNA)

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