Former Sen. Biazon campaigns for the convening of National Security Council on WPS

Former Sen. Biazon campaigns for the convening of National Security Council on WPS

By Ernie Reyes

Former Sen. Pong Biazon (Photo courtesy by UNTV)

MANILA — Former Senator Rodolfo Biazon on Wednesday urged all concerned parties to call for the convening of the National Security Council (NSC) to tackle the issues hounding the West Philippines Sea and its implication on our national security and interest.

In a virtual media interview, Biazon said that the whole government including the Legislative and Executive should convene the NSC to formulate national position on matters that affect not only the present but also the future generations.

“Therefore, I am worried about the turn of events, and I came here to campaign for the convening of the national security council because the national security council can provide us, the Filipino people, everybody including policymakers, national program implementers, and our people a very clear projection of a clear, united national position on this (WPS issue),” he said.

Biazon said that he called the convening of the NSC because “ right now we are all confused and that is dangerous.

“We are not only confusing ourselves, but we are also confusing potential allies, in the pursuit of our national interest in the area (WPS),” he said.

“We are confusing our policymaker and program implementers, we are also confusing our adversaries meaning China and they are confused that they might found a dangerous move and thinking and we have given up the pursuit of our interest in South China,” he added.

We have to project, clear and united national position to all these vital sectors. Who are these vital sectors, one the people of the Philippines including our program implementors and policy makers, including our potential friends and allies including the probably China itself soo that they would not make a confused adversarial move against the interest of the Philippines in the area.

With this, Biazon also called on the head of both Houses of Congress to pass a joint resolution calling for the convening of the NSC, if the Executive Department may not have wanted to.

“That is why I think, we have, the head of the legislatures have to call for the convening of the national security council to provide us a clear united position in the South China Sea,” Biazon, former chief of staff the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) before he ran for the Senate, said.

“We should use the Constitutional provision by passing a resolution by both Houses of Congress calling for the convening of the national security council,” he added.

Biazon expressed his worries on the issue when two former lawmakers, former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV came up into the open and expressed their individual position on WPS issue.

“Kasi marami nang pumapasok na nagbigay ng kanilang posisyon, former senators kaya lalong kailangan natin ng statement ng united and clear position of the Philippine government for that matter for the resolution of these,” he explained

“You know, ang nakikita ko dito na ang resolution can only be based on some things, number the UNCLOS, almost all nations signed this, China signed the UNCLOS. Ang hindi lang pumirma officially ay ang US, but they support the concept for the resolution of conflict to the UNCLOS. Number 2, our Philippine baseline law,” he ended. (AI/MTVN)

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