Sufficient water supply in 4 Luzon dams: PAGASA

Sufficient water supply in 4 Luzon dams: PAGASA

MANILA – Angat, San Roque, Pantabangan and Magat dams in Luzon will likely supply more water for respective customers this July than during the same period last year.

The dams’ forecast end-June 2021 water levels are higher than last year, noted Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) hydrologist Edgar dela Cruz.

“That means the dams will likely have more water to supply this July compared to last year,” he said.

PAGASA forecast end-June water levels of around 199 meters, 236 meters, 196 meters, and 193 meters in Angat, San Roque, Pantabangan and Magat dams, respectively.

These levels are higher than the dams’ corresponding end-June 2020 actual water levels of 188.51 meters, 232.07 meters, 183.45 meters and 177.05 meters, noted dela Cruz.

“If the dams were able to supply water in July 2020 despite having less water, the more these facilities can perform such task this year,” he said.

He noted rainfall shortage last year adversely affected the availability of water in the dams.

“Given the expected rainfall and the dams’ high water levels this year, however, these facilities will likely be more able to supply water,” he said.

For June and July 2021, PAGASA forecast near-normal rainfall over watersheds where Angat, San Roque, Pantabangan and Magat dams are.

Near-normal rainfall is also possible in those watersheds this July and August, noted PAGASA.

Dela Cruz reminded the public to still use water wisely even if water shortage is unlikely.

“Such dams aren’t becoming larger but our population is, so we must conserve water by using it wisely,” he said.

He noted simple acts like turning the faucet off while brushing and washing clothes will help conserve water.

Storing rainwater and using this to water plants will also help conserve water, noted experts. (PNA

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