Abu Sayyaf bomb maker killed in police ops

Abu Sayyaf bomb maker killed in police ops

By Arwen Pascua

MANILA — One of the trusted bomb makers of the late Abu Sayyaf Group Sub Leader Furuji Indama widely known for carrying out terroristic schemes was slain in an intelligence-driven police operation in Basilan on Saturday.

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief General Guillermo Eleazar identified the suspect as Aroy Ittot a.k.a. Oroy, DI/ ASG member/Bomb Maker, and Top Priority Target of Police Regional Office Bangsamoro Autonomous Region (PRO BAR).

Citing reports from PNP Intelligence Group Director PBGen Warren Ferrer De Leon, Eleazar disclosed that joint elements of Basilan PIT and Sulu PIT, RIU9 PNP-IG (Lead Unit); 5SAB, PNP-SAF; CIDG Basilan PFU; RID PRO BAR; PIU, 1st & 2nd PMFC and Mohammad Ajul MPS, Basilan PPO; RMU-9, AKG MFU, NICA; 15SFC, 4SFBN, SFRA (PA) and 16MICO, 1MIB, 1ID, PA implemented the service of Warrant of Arrest against Oroy on June 5, 2021, at about 2:30 in the morning, for the crime of MURDER docketed under Criminal Case Number 4059-695 issued by Presiding Judge Leo Jay Principe, RTC, 9th Judicial Region, Branch 1, Isabela City, Basilan.

“During the service of Warrant of Arrest, the suspect fired upon the arresting team using his M16 rifle which prompted the operating troops to return fire that eventually led to the neutralization of Oroy” Eleazar said.

Recovered pieces of evidence from the encounter site include One Unit M16 rifle with serial number RP195453; One Unit M14 rifle with serial number 175541; Four (4) Magazines of an M16 rifle; Five (5) M14 Magazines; Four (4) Grenade Rifles M76; Three (3) Grenade Rifles M75; 1.5 Liters ANFO believed to be IED components; One M16 spent cartridge case; Bandoliers; and Cellphones.

The slain terrorist was involved in a roadside bombing incident that transpired in Tuburan, Basilan sometime in 2018 targeting the convoy of Mayor Durie Kalahal of Tuburan, Basilan.

Likewise, Oroy was implicated in the harassment incident victimizing the group of Mayor Ibrahim Ballaho of Mohammad Ajul, Basilan while conducting community service in Tuburan, Basilan.

Eleazar further said that Oroy has links with the Local ASG bombers in Basilan who were also involved in Vehicle Burning/IED attack in Barangay Colonia, Lamitan City, Basilan, and several IED roadside bombings in the province.

The scene was properly processed by PCLO Basilan while the cadaver of the suspect was turned over to the Barangay Chairman and his immediate family for traditional Muslim burial rites.

“The fight against terrorism, insurgency, and transnational crimes is becoming more complex but the PNP stays in control to stamp out this challenge which is one of the operational thrusts under the PNP’s Intensified Cleanliness Policy. Rest assured that we remain steadfast in enhancing our operational capability to keep our citizens safe from crime and terrorism” Eleazar added. (AI/MTVN)

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