Apostille, passport applicants warned anew vs. scammers

Apostille, passport applicants warned anew vs. scammers

MANILA – Apostille and passport applicants are warned against unauthorized private entities offering appointment schedules on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

An Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of a public document. It is issued by a country that is party to the Apostille Convention to be used abroad.

“The DFA reiterates that it does not use Facebook or any other social media network to offer or confirm passport application appointments nor has it authorized any company or individual to offer and accept passport appointment scheduling on the Department’s behalf,” the agency said in an advisory on Tuesday.

The DFA said those who accept these individuals’ services run the risk of not getting an authentic appointment or encountering issues with their passport application, aside from incurring additional expenses.

“The public is strongly advised to ignore offers from these companies or individuals and to use only the official passport appointment system maintained by the DFA,” it said.

Consular services can only be made through DFA’s official appointment systems, namely http://www.passport.gov.ph/appointment for passport applications and https://co.dfaapostiIle.ph for apostille applications.

However, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, OFWs, and other qualified individuals may set their appointment using the courtesy lane facility by sending an email to oca.cI@dfa.gov.ph or the email address of the nearest Consular Office (CO).

While the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, the agency assured the public it is “working hard” to open additional appointment slots but without compromising the health and safety of the applicants and its personnel. (PNA)

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