Ivana Alawi conducts charity drive to celebrate her 13-million mark on YouTube

Ivana Alawi conducts charity drive to celebrate her 13-million mark on YouTube

MANILA—Actress Ivana Alawi is now the number one showbiz celebrity vlogger with the highest number of subscribers on YouTube as she just reached the 13-million mark on the video-sharing platform.

To give back to her subscribers, Ivana, her family and staff personally re-packed goods producing 1,300 bags with food items, and each bag has P1,000 in cash. This was in the episode of her recent vlog as she also cooked adobo, a recipe which does not easily spoil to include in each pack.

In all, Ivana gave away a total of P1.3 million.

Ivana scheduled the distribution for two days—650 residents on the first day and another 650 recipients on the second day to different individuals in Manila and nearby cities. Ivana’ staff conducted the delivery of goods who reported the updates to the actress with photos.  

Among the recipients seen assembled at the end of the video were street dwellers, street vendors, garbage collector, tricyle drivers and the elderly.

“Ayoko na sanang i-celebrate nang enggrande o gumastos sa celebration, kasi mas gusto ko na lang itulong sa mga taong nangangailangan. Kailangang maging praktikal ngayong pandemic,” Ivana said.

“Thank you to everyone for watching our vlogs. This is not just from me, this is from all of us. Hindi ako nagyayabang. It’s our own small way of giving back, to celebrate our 13 million subscribers,” she added.

Ivana’s subscribers ballooned to millions particularly last year in the midst of the pandemic.

She started her vlog in September 2019 where her first entry “A Day in My Life” showed Ivana doing the laundry without a bra. She established a following because of her organic activities focused on her siblings and her family.

She pays back to her subscribers through charity works like when she visited Cagayan to bring aid to typhoon victims. At one time, she pranked people on the street, disguised as a beggar asking for fare back home, but instead, she gave money to whoever would fall into her disguise.

She cried in touching moment with a street vendor with whom she also pranked and asked for a fare to Baguio but ended up giving her food and softdrinks. In return, Ivana awarded him with P20,000 and assured she would come back to help the old man. (ECD/MTVN)

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