1Sambayan in danger of breaking up?

1Sambayan in danger of breaking up?

By Junex Doronio
June 10, 2010

1Sambayan launch early this year (GMA Network photo courtesy)

LAPU-LAPU CITY, Cebu — Call them prophets of doom but some political analysts foresee a break up of the opposition coalition 1Sambayan if it chooses either Manila Mayor Isko Moreno or Senator Grace Poe as its presidential bet for the 2022 polls as former Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV has expressed intent to join the presidential race whenever Vice President Leni run instead as governor of Camarines Sur.

1Sambayan convenor Lawyer Howard Calleja, however, expressed optimism that the opposition coalition will not break up and will support only one presidential candidate.

“People will be surprised. We have the formula, we trust the system, we trust the process that these personalities will unite. In our conversations, personal interests can be set aside towards the bigger interest, that is of the nation and of the people, and that resonated to all candidates we have talked to,” Calleja earlier said in an ANC interview.

1Sambayan is set to choose its standard-bearer from among Robredo, Trillanes, Moreno, and Poe.

Even as it maintains to be not elitist and aims to unify the opposition forces but 1Sambayan has excluded Senator Manny Pacquiao for being “pro-administration” and also aired doubts on Senator Ping Lacson for being a proponent of the Anti-Terror Act.

“We are a broad coalition. We are not elitist. In fact, our convenors are now 24, including representatives from urban poor, labor, farmers, OFWs, all spectrum,” Calleja claimed.

The 1Sambayan convenor said that espousing democratic principles, respect for the Constitution and rule of law, and upholding sovereignty and sovereign rights can bring a lot of people under one umbrella.

“We are confident to say that the dream of having one candidate [for the opposition] in 2022 is more possible now than a year ago,” Calleja quipped.

But some political analysts have expressed doubts if Trillanes can accept if he or Robredo is not chosen by 1Sambayan.

“In view of VP Leni’s preparations to run for Governor of Camarines Sur in 2022, I, together with the Magdalo group, have decided to convey to the 1SAMBAYAN Coalition to change my status from being an alternate candidate (to VP Leni) to being a principal candidate for President to vie for the Coalition’s nomination,” Trillanes earlier said on his Facebook post. (AI/MTVN)

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