Antique seeks DILG help on vax hesitancy of village officials

Antique seeks DILG help on vax hesitancy of village officials

SAN JOSE DE BUENAVISTA, Antique – Antique Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao has asked the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to help encourage more barangay officials and health workers to submit themselves to the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccination.

Cadiao, during a press conference Thursday, said that they have difficulty in convincing the village officials and Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTs) to get vaccinated.

“It is very hard to convince the barangay officials and BHERTs themselves so it would be best if we get the help of the DILG,” Cadiao said.

She said if they resist to get vaccinated, then how could they encourage other people, particularly the seniors to avail of the jab.

Even BHERTs, who assist in the contact tracing, were not vaccinated.

The governor said that she is planning to discuss with the DILG Antique provincial office a possible convention with barangay officials to discuss the concern.

In a separate interview, DILG Antique provincial director Cherryl Tacda said the plan of the governor is feasible. “Since we cannot yet hold mass gathering for a convention then maybe we could do it through virtual,” Tacda said.

She said that the convention may also be done per municipality to avoid the crowd.

Meanwhile, Antique provincial Liga ng Barangay (LnB) president Pamela Socorro Azucena said she has been encouraging her fellow barangay captains in the 590 barangays of the province to promote the vaccination campaign.

“In my own barangay Idio in Sebaste almost all of our barangay officials and volunteer workers had already been vaccinated,” she said in a separate interview.

Barangay Idio has the biggest accomplishment with 326 vaccinated individuals as of June 6 based on the latest data provided by their Municipal Health Office. It also has the most number of senior citizens who got vaccinated at 79.

However, as of June 6, only 2,365 availed of the vaccines out of the 11,404 eligible population of the municipality.

She said that she is supportive of the plan of the governor for a convention because there are barangay officials who are hard to convince.

“With the DILG, perhaps the barangay officials will be compelled to really help in the campaign for the vaccination,” she said.

She said that there are barangay officials who are afraid to be vaccinated, but considering that they are also front-liners then they have the responsibility to convince their constituents. (PNA)

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