To Dream the Impossible Dream; Eleazar’s Quest: Restoring public trust in the police

To Dream the Impossible Dream; Eleazar’s Quest: Restoring public trust in the police

CALL IT QUIXOTIC but just like The Knight from La Mancha, top cop General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar is now fighting the windmill of public distrust on the police force but he stands undaunted.

In his quest to reform the police which image has been tainted with corruption, ineptness and unprofessionalism, Eleazar boldly enforces transparency in its operations and combat against criminality.

By using body cams in police operations, rub outs and extra judicial killings can now be prevented and some abusive cops are now defanged.

Through the years, there have been suppressed complaints of “palakasan” (influence-peddling). Despite this culture of corruption, Eleazar is determined to exterminate the rotten system with the no-nonsense implementation of the QR code-based recruiment.

There will no more names and pictures of the applicants but only their skills and achievements thereby eliminating “palakasan” and fixers on recruitment process.

On the other hand, Eleazar has unleashed an effective effective weapon to quell crime and whip abusive policemen through the newly-launched “e-Sumbong: Sumbong Mo, Aksyon Ko” system. It is an online complaint and monitoring system, which allows citizens to submit reports, complaints, or concerns to the PNP via SMS hotlines, social media, email, or QR scanning method.

Utilizing the advancement of technology, the public can now easily report crime incidents and abusive police personnel.

The public can send reports or complaints to PNP’s “e-Sumbong: Sumbong Mo, Aksyon Ko” through SMS (0919601752, 09178475757) and social media accounts.

With this initiative by the PNP Chief, Eleazar now brings the police and the victims closer thus ensuring social tranquility. General Eleazar has come a long way after graduating summa cum laude at the premier Philippine Military Academy (PMA). Like the fabled Don Quixote, his uprightness, fairness and leadership by example made him the “darling of the press.”

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