Moscow weekly Covid-19 cases hit all-time high

Moscow weekly Covid-19 cases hit all-time high

MOSCOW – Moscow’s Covid-19 cases surged by 51,853 this week, having reached a record high since the start of the pandemic, according to TASS estimates based on the anti-coronavirus crisis center’s data.

Last week, some 36,710 people were infected in the Russian capital.

Russia recorded a total of 108,139 Covid-19 weekly cases versus 82,250 in the previous seven days (a 31.5 percent increase). It was a new high since the first week of February 2021.

The number of recoveries surged by 68,637, the largest increase since March 2021. However, the share of recoveries dropped from 92.2 percent to 91.6 percent over the past week.

Amid the rising Covid-19 incidence, Russia’s mortality rate has been also growing: from June 14 to 20, the crisis center reported 2,931 deaths from coronavirus, while from June 7 to 13, only 2,643 deaths.

The Covid-19 weekly death toll reached a record high since mid-March 2021, while the mortality rate remains unchanged and stands at 2.43 percent

The number of the so-called active cases (patients who are currently receiving treatment) is rapidly growing. Over the past week, it climbed by 36,571 to 317,493, a new high since March 9, according to the crisis center. (TASS)

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