De Lima to Duterte: Running for VP won’t help you escape accountability for crimes vs humanity

De Lima to Duterte: Running for VP won’t help you escape accountability for crimes vs humanity

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — Opposition Senator Leila M. de Lima has reminded Mr. Duterte that
running for the vice presidency in the 2022 elections would not help
him escape the trial and judgment of the International Criminal Court
(ICC) for the thousands of killings under his regime’s murderous war
on drugs.

De Lima, a staunch social justice and human rights champion, made the
statement after Duterte said in a press conference that the public
should consider him a candidate for the vice presidency at this time
to supposedly “maintain equilibrium.”

“He thinks he can escape the ICC and accountability for his crimes
against humanity by becoming a VP this time,” De Lima said in her
Dispatch from Crame No. 1086.

“Fat chance. The ICC does not recognize either immunity or
impeachability in going after criminals. Its jurisdiction is
comprehensive in that way. So if impeachability does not protect
Duterte from the ICC, why still bother to even become VP? He is still
going to be arrested and dragged in chains to The Hague anyway,” she

It may be recalled that then outgoing ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou
Bensouda announced last June 14 that she has sought permission for a
full-blown investigation to follow her office’s preliminary
examination into the allegations against Duterte and others involved
in the current administration’s drug war, committed from July 1, 2016
to March 16, 2019, or prior to Duterte’s withdrawal of the country
from the Rome Statute.

The lady Senator from Bicol further stressed that Duterte thinks
becoming Vice President means having another free pass at making fun
of public office, while not accomplishing anything substantial at all.

“The only reason why the Filipino people will vote Duterte for Vice
President in 2022 is for his entertainment value. Filipinos are very
fond of comedians,” De Lima said.

“They think politics is a cheap kind of entertainment, the same sort
provided by Duterte, not knowing it is at their expense. They forget
we pay the salaries and perks of office of these incompetent clowns
with our taxes. So, another six years of Duterte the clown this time
as VP will be another expensive six-year franchise we have to pay for
in case Duterte, God forbid, does indeed become VP,” she added. (ai/mtvn)

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