2 new bridges to ease traffic, flooding in Dumaguete

2 new bridges to ease traffic, flooding in Dumaguete

DUMAGUETE CITY – The city government here has opened to motorists two new concrete bridges which are expected to ease traffic in this provincial capital and even save lives during flooding.

The bridges are situated at Colon Street (at the back of Foundation University), one of which connects to Barangay Bagacay, while the other links Barangay Batinguel and Barangay Bagacay, according to a media release from the city public information office on Tuesday.

Both bridges have replaced concrete spillways that were previously notorious for flooding whenever the Banica River overflowed, which already claimed lives.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo was quoted as saying he prioritized these bridge projects to protect the residents living along the banks of the river as well as motorists passing through these routes.

“This morning I passed by there, and I am happy on hindsight in making the decision to construct these bridges at the same time,” he said.

When the infrastructure projects started late last year, people complained about the simultaneous closure of the spillways to give way to the construction, saying it added to the city’s traffic problems.

Remollo said now that the bridges are passable, motorists have more route options.

The mayor said he plans to build another bridge to replace one more spillway at the Banica River.

For the first time, these projects are funded by the city government, Remollo noted. (PNA)

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