Davao City raises alert vs. dengue

Davao City raises alert vs. dengue

DAVAO CITY – Apart from coronavirus disease (Covid-19), the City Health Office (CHO) on Thursday also warned Dabawenyos against the deadly dengue fever which has so far claimed five lives in the city this year.

In a radio interview, Beth Banzon, CHO Tropical Diseases Prevention and Control Unit Coordinator and Nutrition Division head, urged the residents to remain vigilant against the water-borne disease as the rainy season officially started in the country.

Banzon said the city’s dengue cases climbed from 102 in May to 133 in June this year.

She reminded the residents to constantly clean their surroundings, and properly dispose of their garbage, especially plastics and bottles which is a contributing factor to attract dengue-carrying mosquitos.

“We have found a lot of breeding areas in the city during our recent inspection. With dengue, one needs to be on alert all the time. A fever should not be taken lightly as it could be a symptom, not just of dengue but also of Covid-19,” she added.

She also cited that the first to three days of fever could be an indication of dengue while the fourth to sixth days are critical since other symptoms such as nose bleeding, stomachache, rashes, dehydration, and vomiting blood would start to manifest.

She also said drinking a lot of fluids could help address dehydration.

The Office of Vice Mayor Sebastian Duterte, Banzon said, helped them in their information drive campaign with a dengue advisory being handed out to every household.

“The rainy months of June to September are expected to have more dengue cases that’s why we need to keep our homes and surroundings clean and to never be complacent. Once a dengue symptom manifests, patients had to be checked-up immediately,” she added. (PNA)

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