Nil content for money intent

Nil content for money intent

Facebook has earmarked $1B to pay for so-called “content creators” to snag more numbers in a trenchant couch camote civilization, to get ’em hooked here. TikTok set aside $2B for similar ends.

There are around 50 million of such bipeds worldwide, and as Taylor Lorenz of New York Times reports, “the $1 billion will be allocated among creators of all types, giving influencers an incentive for creating and posting original content to Facebook.. part of an effort to woo influencers onto its platforms.”

As the Lorenz report claims, “influencers will be able to earn money by using specific Facebook and Instagram features or by hitting certain milestones. If creators livestream on a regular basis, for instance, they can earn cash.”

The report cites the case of an African teen on skates who dances to techno-pop music that has apparently caught the world wide web by a storm, never mind if most baby boomers have been brought by their parents to see a similar viewing fare, something called “Holiday on Ice” that showcases Disney cartoon characters, and ballet dancers on skates doing with grace and ease excerpts from Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite”. Such sights are delightful as chocolate fudge ice cream, but leave it to your parents to pay the ticket price for you to squeal over such a Christmas show. A show a sneeze off of you– in high resolution three dimensions.

Can any content creator top that?

Not much content, I reckon, that I get to stumble into the Rub-al-Khali (The Empty Quarter of desert barrenness that stretches like a giant maw devouring the horizon and the skies into its vacuity) of social media. Content, eh?

Once I posted a 57-minute YouTube demo, likely shot in the wilderness parts of Vietnam, how a woman in her late 20s has cobbled up a bamboo dwelling in a forest clearing she herself cleared, went on to build a humble hut by her own hands– walls, floors, joists, main posts of bamboo, capped by palm frond shingles.

That sullen show of how an off-the-grid maiden works her sexy ass off tapping a spring, fitting out hollowed bamboo poles as ersatz pipes to get a decent water supply going, then cobbles some more– a toilet, a bath, and animal enclosures for a clutch of livestock… pigs, chickens, ducks… Woman mans up, no dialogue, just the incessant laughter of a river and busy business of tools that she wields.

The presentation had 2.7 million views, 13k fingered the “Like” icon, 1.8 stubbed their digits on the thumbs down icon. Any episode of a Raffy Tulfo family squabble, marital infidelity, or trivial spat gets higher numbers than that show of masculine know-how.

Moths to the light flies to the filth.

Content creators? Oh, dears. The numbers are amassed in colossal heaps by filth, believe you me.

And that’s what passes for content these days for a couch camote con ulalo civilization, bedraggled to the pits by its 7-sec attention span. (ai/mtvn)

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