Mandatory vaccination needs further discussion: Guevarra

Mandatory vaccination needs further discussion: Guevarra

MANILA – Coercive vaccination measures, similar to the policies of other countries, will need thorough scrutiny before they can be implemented.

Department of Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra issued the reaction on Thursday following a Twitter message of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., asking about the legal implications of schools requiring their teachers to be inoculated against Covid-19.

“(T)ough policy questions like these will most likely be discussed at the Cabinet meeting first,” Guevarra told newsmen.

“@DOJPH Help please. Need your opinion. Is it legal for schools to require teachers to vaccinate before letting them in the classroom when face to face allowed? Can they fire teachers who refuse for cock and bull conscientious reasons? I’m serious,” Locsin tweeted on Thursday.

Guevarra said Locsin’s question may have been triggered by the new policy in France that will require a vaccination pass for anyone entering a café, restaurant, shopping center, or hospital, or taking a long-distance train.

France President Emmanuel Macron said the new policy will begin in August. The health pass, known as the EU Digital Covid Certificate, indicates if a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19, received a recent negative test result, or recovered from the disease.

In Moscow, some two million workers, including frontline health workers, were required to be vaccinated by the city mayor’s office after a spike in cases. Businesses will be monitored for compliance.

In Germany, restaurants and bars that require a recent negative test for the coronavirus will allow access to vaccinated individuals.

The Philippines has already vaccinated 15,096,261 as of July 18, with 4,708,073 already with full doses.

Of the total 15,096,261 who have received at least one dose, the A3 (adults with comorbidities) group tops the list with 3,440,132. (PNA)

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