John Lloyd Cruz admits to battling his own demons, understands people’s negative opinions

John Lloyd Cruz admits to battling his own demons, understands people’s negative opinions

MANILA— John Lloyd Cruz admits to having a bad reputation from other people.

In a podcast done by ABS-CBN News anchor Karen Davila recently, she asked John Lloyd on what is his reaction about his being a good actor but there is a dark side in his personality.

Karen asked: “People often talk about your talent alongside with John Lloyd’s demons, the dark side of John Lloyd.

“You were seen as this guy—drugs, drink… that kind and the artist life, whatever…

“I’m curious, how would you describe that when you hear it?”

The multi-awarded actor explained: “Hindi kasalanan ng ibang tao kung limitado man ang kanilang pang-unawa at hindi siya nauunawaan. Hindi nila kasalanan na ganun ‘yung pananaw nila about certain struggles.

“Like, real struggles of a human being, why people resort to substance.”

John Lloyd said that he just lets them go out of his ears each time he receives those kind of comments.

“Parang you try to… pasok dito, ilabas dito… Kasi hindi naman nila alam, e.

“And hindi mo naman sila puwedeng i-condemn o sisihin sa isang bagay na limited ang kanilang pang-unawa.”

Even his relatives and friends have this not-so-good impression about him. Though he feels sad, but he said he just understands them as people have really different views towards other people.

“So, it’s unfortunate and sad, pero kasi umaabot siya on the level of kamag-anak, di ba, kaibigan.

“Na kailangan mong intindihin, unawain, dahil iba-iba kayo ng pananaw sa buhay. Iba-iba kayo ng values and choices…

“And kung ano yung totoo sa ‘yo, maaaring hindi totoo sa kanila.

“Kung ikaw naniniwala ka sa certain spirits and sila hindi, ganun talaga, e.”

Celebrating his mistakes

Karen also asked John Lloyd what are the things the actor wants to change which he is trying to fight about like self-control, self-reflection.

The actor replied, “Lagi, tuluy-tuloy ‘yan, e.  Unfortunately, you have to contend with your demons for the rest of your life.

“And you have to be good at it, especially when you get old.”

Is there something he wants to get rid of? What does he wants to do for himself?

John Lloyd responded, “May nagsabi sa ‘kin na somehow, part din ito kung bakit I’m coming back, taking on jobs, roles again.

“Parang, when you cancel out on certain things hindi ano… nagiging premature yung experience, so ‘yon. ..

“If anything, mas maging wise about your choices. Don’t cancel out, but rather be wise, di ba?

“Kasi I’m the type na I celebrate my mistakes, e. So, that’s how I learn.

“So, parang parte siya, e. Parang you can’t be brave kung lagi kang magka-cancel out on adventures, on journeys, di ba?

“So, iyon. Sana magtuluy-tuloy lang ‘cause, so far, nadala niya ako kung nasa’n man ako ngayon.

 “Eto yung, I can live with this.”

Are we expecting a new John Lloyd now that he is making a showbiz comeback?

“Again, nakapaloob pa rin ako sa isang journey,” the actor said

“And I don’t really take note of what’s the new you, or what’s new, what’s old, what’s vital. I can’t say for sure kung… mahirap, e.

“Gusto ko lang siyang mag-unfold on its own. Kung ito na ‘yon, then so be it.

“I think ang mas importante is yung alam mo sino ang gustong makipag-collaborate, sino ba yung gustong makipag-discourse.”

John Lloyd issued his official statement in October 2017 that he will take his indefinite leave from showbiz.

He became more visible recently and there have been talks that he is doing a sitcom in GMA-7, but there is no confirmation yet as of this time. (ECD/MTVN)

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