Antique’s biggest secondary school ready for class opening

Antique’s biggest secondary school ready for class opening

SAN JOSE DE BUENAVISTA, Antique – The Antique National School (ANS), the biggest secondary school in the province, is set for the opening of classes on September 13.

Dr. Salvador J. Sembran, ANS Assistant School Principal II, during a virtual press conference on Friday, said they have registered 6,190 students for the incoming school year.

They are optimistic that they could surpass or equal their 7,499 enrollees last school year as the registration is ongoing.

“There are still many parents coming to our school in San Jose de Buenavista for the enrollment of their children,” Sembran said.

This school year, teachers will still use blended learning with online and modular classes, he added.

ANS school information coordinator Arfe T. Samson, in the same virtual conference, said the modules are ready for distribution to students starting September 13.

“The distribution of the module is done per quarter so that the student, even if there is a granular lockdown in their barangay, is still able to continue with their studies because they have already the module with them,” Samson said.

He said they learned that last school year, some students were unable to get their modules on time because their barangays were placed under lockdown.

The retrieval of the answer sheets will be every two weeks when teachers also distribute additional activity sheets for the students, Samson said.

He noted that the modules have passed the Quality Assurance inspection to make sure they are error-free.

Students have to take care of their modules so that they could still be used next school year, he added. (PNA)

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