Neil Arce dares government official to a face-off

Neil Arce dares government official to a face-off

for calling Angel Locsin “no brain cells”

MANILA—Neil Arce obviously got irked over the comment of a government official, Philippine Information Office Undersecretary and Director General Ramon Cualoping III, who belittled his wife Angel Locsin. Cualoping called Angel “no brain cells.”

This is in connection with Angel’s Instagram post last September 8, where she expressed her sympathy towards the health workers who are continuously on the frontline as they battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Angel posted: “To those who can’t go & console family & friends fighting their battles alone. I feel you. I wish for you to overcome whatever it is you are going through.

“This crisis has made me realize that the world can work without politicians, businessmen, police, and even without actors like me. but the world can never work without health workers.

“Again, thank you for all that you do. Sending everyone strength, hope, and love.”

This was published in different news sites and Cualoping reacted on this on September 9.

He said that Angel doesn’t think at all for her to say the police force, politicians and businessmen and actors are not needed by the society.

Cualoping said that each sector has its own job to address the needs of the public.

Part of his statement on Facebook: “Angel Locsin has no brain cells. Or a wrong appreciation of things.

“How can we all continue to live life if there’ll be no police foce, actors, business folks and yes, even politicians?

“We live in an ecosystem. Again, ecosystem.

“No brain cells at all!”

Cualoping’s comments of “no brain cells” on Angel reached Neil, and he strongly challenge the government official to a face-off.

Neil said he could not allow the insult against his wife pass just like that.

On the comments section Cualoping’s Facebook Neil posted (published as is): “Hey Mon I don’t know you but people have been sending me this post. Mukhang sobrang tapang mo sa Facebook, sir.

“I respect your political stand, your opinions but insulting my wife personally is a bit off.

“You can message me here on Facebook kung matapang ka talaga kita tayo, no weapons, no bodyguards, lalake sa lalake lang. Kung di ka lalaki baka may kuya ka or kapatid na bata.

“Pwede na rin proxy. Hope to see you soon.”

As of this time, Cualoping has not commented on Neil’s challenge. (ECD/MTVN)

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