Bello urges youth to make the country their inspiration in achieving success

Bello urges youth to make the country their inspiration in achieving success

By Rjhay E. Laurea

MANILA — Labor Secretary Silvestre “Bebot” Bello III called on the youth to make the country and its people their motivation in achieving their goals.

This is what the Labor chief emphasized in his speech during the virtual commencement exercises of Isabela State University (ISU) held recently.

He even made our successful overseas Filipino workers an example that if one makes the people and the country their inspiration in achieving their dreams and goals it is most likely that they will become successful.

“As labor Secretary, I was told of many success stories among our overseas Filipino workers who anchored their goals and ambitions on the welfare of their families and countrymen,” Bello said.

He added that it was true, the migrant workers helped a lot in keeping the economy afloat on so many terrible occasions in the past and that is because of their love for our nation.

His challenge now to the graduates, even with the pandemic, is for them to go where they are most needed and perform the best they can.

He said that if their journey takes them back to school and teach young minds, help them to think ahead and prepare for the future; when they have a calling to give care for the sick, inspire the other front liners to hold the line and never give up an inch to the virus; in-case they wanted to build and design structures, they must hire the neediest workers so they can cope with the crisis.

And if they intend to merge in technology, he hopes that they come up with one that could save the entire planet from its current misery.

But in doing all these, they should always choose the right motivation believing that nothing could be better than love for our people and nation.

He cited that the love for our people is a great force to achieve excellence and it serves as a strong inspiration to be an outstanding achiever.

This becomes even more important when they leave the country to search for bigger challenges and greener pastures.

Likewise, Bello also congratulated not only the graduating students but also their parents and the members of the academe, who did their jobs well in helping the students finish their school. (AI/MTVN)

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