From Fake News to Rigged Mobile ‘Text Survey’: Lacson Camp Scores Another Dirty Trick

From Fake News to Rigged Mobile ‘Text Survey’: Lacson Camp Scores Another Dirty Trick

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — There is something really fishy when your campaign team and
even supporters receive an SMS (or mobile text) purportedly doing a
survey of presidential candidates for May 2022, and then the same SMS
survey informs you that your chosen candidate is wrong or is
considered an erroneous response.

Despite being the first to formally announce his candidacy for
President, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson was omitted from a supposed
“automated survey” among presidentiables? Partido Reporma spokesperson
Ashley Acedillo said the “survey” appears to be part of a
mind-conditioning ploy to make people think Lacson is not in the
running. “The survey would ask respondents to choose from a field of
seven names, but excluding Ping Lacson.”

“If the respondent chose Lacson, he or she would get an error message
claiming that the reply is invalid,” Acedillo said. “While we may not
know who ‘commissioned’ this supposed survey until the organizers come
out with the result, the effect is on the respondents, who will be
conditioned to think that Sen. Lacson is not running,” he added.

“While I myself am familiar with most survey methodologies, both face
to face and online/automated – which means that those who commission
it actually has a choice of what questions to field and which
choices/answers to provide – our campaign team cannot rule out malice
in this particular case since the omission is both very glaring and
very suspicious.”

Last Sept. 8, Lacson and running mate Senate President Vicente “Tito”
C. Sotto III declared their intention to run for President and Vice
President respectively in May 2022, and for the record, being the
first to do so.

Earlier, Acedillo scored the fake news circulating on social media
that Lacson had withdrawn or is withdrawing from the presidential
race, saying this was a sign of desperation from rivals.

“If this latest caper is designed to derail us by dissuading people
from supporting Ping Lacson for the presidency, then it is the people
who commissioned the survey who are fooling themselves with the
erroneous data and results they will obtain. So go ahead, knock
yourselves out,” he said. (ai/mtvn)

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