Bacolod logs high Covid transmission rate in households

Bacolod logs high Covid transmission rate in households

BACOLOD CITY – The Emergency Operations Center Task Force (EOC-TF) here has reported a high transmission rate of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in households during the last week of September.

“Covid-19 spreads right in our own homes,” Dr. Rosalie Deocampo, EOC deputy for contact tracing cluster, said in a statement.

Data as of Friday showed that on Sept. 27, there were 151 new cases, 60 of which were new cases, while 91 were close contacts.

Some 110 were household transmissions while 41 originated from outside, including 28 unknown, two from the workplace, three from gatherings or meetings, four from the hospital, three from prison, and one from a dialysis center.

On Sept. 26, Bacolod recorded 133 cases, of which 69 were new infections and 64 were close contacts.

Of the total cases, 92 cases were household infections, 41 outside transmissions, three from the workplace, 36 unknown, and two from hospital infections.

On Sept. 25, the city logged 140 infections, 90 of which were household transmissions while 36 cases were of unknown origin. These included 75 classified as new cases and 65 close contacts.

Six were infected at their workplace, seven in gatherings or meetings outside of their household, and one in prison.

City Administrator Em Ang, concurrent executive director of EOC-TF, reiterated her call on Bacolodnons to have themselves vaccinated for more protection against Covid-19.

“This is an ongoing risk assessment. If it is raining and you’ll be outdoors, you bring an umbrella. If you are in a crowded gathering, potentially with unvaccinated people, you put your mask on and keep social distancing. If you are unvaccinated and eligible for the vaccine, the best thing you can do is to get vaccinated,” she added.

Ang said recent studies show that people who are fully vaccinated continue to have strong protection compared to those who are not.

She lamented that many city residents have become vulnerable to “fake news” on various social media platforms which add up to people’s hesitancy to get the vaccine, she said.

As of Sept. 30, Bacolod has logged 19,961 Covid-19 cases, including 2,035 active cases; 17,454 recoveries; and 472 deaths. (PNA)

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