Black propaganda bid vs Lacson exposed by veteran journalist

Black propaganda bid vs Lacson exposed by veteran journalist

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — A black propaganda campaign is targeting Sen. Panfilo M.
Lacson, with its proponents approaching a journalist for the job.

Columnist and TV talk show host Cito Beltran bared this to Lacson
Thursday morning, during an interview on Beltran’s talk show “Agenda.”

“Nilapitan ako ng isang PR para gibain ka (I was approached by a PR
operator to conduct black propaganda against you),” Beltran told

But Beltran said he refused the offer and demanded to see the evidence first.

“Thank you for confirming it,” replied Lacson, who has been at the
receiving end of black propaganda since his first term as senator in

Earlier, Partido Reporma spokesperson Ashley Acedillo bared dirty
tricks against Lacson’s 2022 presidential bid, including fake news
circulating on social media that he had withdrawn or is withdrawing
from the race; and a rigged mobile presidentiable ‘text’ survey that
excluded Lacson’s name from the list of choices.

Lacson recalled that since 2001, he had been at the receiving end of
black propaganda from the Arroyo administration. He said he was forced
to file libel charges against the parties involved to protect his

In 2017, former Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines head Victor Corpus apologized to Lacson for linking him to
illegal activities. The Philippine Daily Inquirer also issued an
apology for publishing opinion items containing the fake news in 2019.
On the other hand, the Supreme Court had also junked with finality the
cases against Lacson.

However, Lacson said it is now time to decriminalize libel since
information technology has become borderless.

“I am supportive of moves to decriminalize libel, as our information
technology has become borderless,” he said. (ai/mtvn)

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