Army’s 91IB deploys 46 CAA to help fight NPA remnants, maintain peace and order in Aurora

Army’s 91IB deploys 46 CAA to help fight NPA remnants, maintain peace and order in Aurora

By Arwen Pascua

MANILA — In a bid to augment additional forces that aims to eliminate the remaining members of the Komiteng Larangang Guerilla – Sierra Madre (KLG-SM) of the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG), and maintain the peace and order, the 91st Infantry (SINAGTALA) Battalion, Philippine Army has deployed 46 men and women of the Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU) Active Auxiliary (CAA) in the province of Aurora during the send-off ceremony on October 09, 2021.

The deployment followed after the 46 personnel underwent a 45-day intensive training, conducted by the 91IB led by Lieutenant Colonel Reandrew P. Rubio, Commanding Officer.

The 45-day intensive training aims to develop their stamina, attitude, and skills required before their dispatch to different communities in the province of Aurora.

LTC Rubio underscored the vital importance of establishing CAFGU in the province of Aurora for the maintenance of peace and development.

“They just graduated the Basic Military Training (BMT) and soon will be assigned to our Patrol Bases to beef-up our security forces in the area and as a partner for peace and development,” LTC Rubio said.

He added that CAFGU Active Auxiliary (CAA) is a paramilitary unit composed of volunteer reservists organized into companies of personnel led by regular troops.

They are trained to maintain peace and help develop the community and thwart the possible atrocities of the dismantled Communist NPA terrorists or any lawless element that would hinder the development in this province.

“Our CAA is an essential component of our administrative and operational clear-hold-support methodology, an important element in winning our counterinsurgency campaign in protecting the communities and the people from the coercive and abusive acts of the CTGs. They are part of the Army Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion upon finishing Basic Military Training,” LTC Rubio added.

Meanwhile, the Acting Commander of the 7th Infantry (KAUGNAY) Division, Philippine Army Brigadier General Luis Rex D. Bergante PA congratulated the CAA personnel for the success of their training; reminded them to be disciplined members of the Armed Forces; and to perform their duties and responsibilities with utmost dedication and love of service. (ai/mtvn)

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