Entrapment, tight discipline await corrupt cabinet members under Lacson-Sotto leadership

Entrapment, tight discipline await corrupt cabinet members under Lacson-Sotto leadership

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — A different brand of discipline awaits rogue Cabinet
officials who dare to extort or engage in other illegal activities
under the leadership of Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson and Senate President
Vicente C. Sotto III as President and Vice President should they win
in next year’s polls.

“If we become President and Vice President of this country, Filipinos
may yet witness the spectacle of a Cabinet member turned rogue being
arrested for extortion. This is the kind of discipline that the
Lacson-Sotto leadership intends to instill in government officials,”
Lacson said on his Twitter account Tuesday.

“It’s about time na ang example ay manggaling sa kataas-taasan. Hindi
pwedeng ang sinisibak lamang ay yung maliit at hindi sumusunod kasi
nakikita sa taas namamayagpag (It’s about time we make example of
higher-ranking officials. We cannot fire the small fry just to let the
big fish continue to extort),” he added in an interview on Radyo 5.

Lacson, who has proven to be a scourge against corruption as law
enforcer and lawmaker, also pushed anew for the digitalization and
interoperability of systems in government agencies to minimize

He said that while agencies like the Bureau of Customs are
computerized, their systems are not yet automated such that human
intervention and red tape are still possible.

“If you just change the personnel, they will be lost in their new
assignments. Worse, if they get bitten by the corruption bug, the
problem starts all over again,” he said.

Also, Lacson noted many personnel in the BOC would merely observe the
new head for a few weeks to see if he or she has the political will to
reject corruption.

” People can reform too, but if they see the new head would give in to
corrupt personnel and practices, they will all backslide,” he added. (ai/mtvn)

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