Lacson assures no lockdowns under his administration

Lacson assures no lockdowns under his administration

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson is considering scrapping lockdowns in
preventing the spread of Covid-19, should he and Senate President
Vicente C. Sotto III win as President and Vice President in next
year’s elections.

Lacson said that while the Philippines has had the world’s longest
lockdown, it has not prevented the spread of Covid, much less helped
the country recovers compared to other nations.

” We are toying with the idea that after June 30, 2022, we won’t have
a lockdown anymore because the lockdown approach is not working. There
could be a better approach,” he said at the Pandesal Forum on

Earlier, Lacson mentioned in another interview that all
anti-Covid-19-related policy decisions must be
science-and-technology-based and data-driven, and should not be a
trial-and-error approach.

“As we go on we adopt methods that work and reconsider those that
don’t. If we cannot be flexible or adapt, nothing good will happen to
us,” he added.

He said they are considering alternatives such as the more efficient
rollout of vaccines, capacitating of government hospitals, and the
judicious use of public funds – including the possible use of
off-budget “income” of government hospitals to defray the
hospitalization expenses of Filipinos confined there.

Lacson cited Nikkei Asia’s COVID-19 Recovery Index listing the
Philippines as last in infection control, vaccination and mobility,
ranking it dead last among 121 countries.

He said he also pointed this out to Health Secretary Francisco Duque
III during the hearing for the DOH’s 2022 budget on Wednesday.

“Covid is here to stay, we don’t know when it will end. I told Sec.
Duque that what we have is not working. Tayo ang longest lockdown sa
buong mundo (We have the world’s longest lockdown),” Lacson said.

Making matters worse are other factors such as corruption in procuring
supplies to address the pandemic, along with inefficiency and

” We are punishing the economy with health efforts that do not work,” he said.

” The next leadership will have to deal not just with the pandemic but
with the post-pandemic problems,” he added. (ai/mtvn)

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