Tolentino bats for uniform warehousing, inventory system in gov’t

Tolentino bats for uniform warehousing, inventory system in gov’t

By Ernie Reyes

(Photo Courtesy; Rappler)

MANILA – Senator Francis “Tol” N. Tolentino is pushing for the
establishment of a uniform warehousing and inventory system for all
government entities involved in the procurement process.

Tolentino recently filed Senate Bill No. 2431—which seeks to amend
Republic Act No. 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act and
establish a “warehousing and inventory system” for all government
procuring units.

According to Tolentino, the proposed legislation will mandate the
Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) to promulgate a standard
operating procedure manual on proper warehousing and inventory of
acquired and purchased items to be used by procuring government

Tolentino earlier called on the Department of Education (DepEd) to
enter into a partnership with the Department of Science and Technology
(DOST) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology
(DICT) for the creation of an inventory management system for the
DepEd’s assets.

During the hearing on the DepEd’s proposed 2022 budget last week,
Tolentino made the suggestion when he tackled the Commission on Audit
(COA) report flagging the agency’s inventory system.

“My attention was called on several items referring to inventories. It
is a tough matter to discuss and implement and perhaps concur with the
suggestion of the Commission on Audit,” said Tolentino.

Tolentino then advised Education Secretary Leonor Briones to tap the
help of the DOST and the DICT to create an automated and cloud-based
warehousing and inventory system.

“This would not be based on papers, ledgers, charts, etc. This would
involve the DOST, perhaps the DICT with you at the helm and making the
initiative,” said Tolentino.

Briones, for her part, said she’s amenable to Tolentino’s suggestion,
saying this should help put an end to the decades-old inventory
problem, not just of DepEd, but other government agencies as well.

Stressing the importance of digitalization in achieving economic and
social resilience, Senator Tolentino also filed a bill mandating the
implementation of digitalized technologies in the local government
Tolentino filed Senate Bill No. 2430, which aims to amend Republic Act
No. 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991, to mandate LGUs to
implement a digitalized inventory and warehousing management system.

The senator said with the broader responsibilities devolved to local
government units because of the implementation of the Mandanas ruling,
it is necessary to ensure efficient delivery of basic services by the
LGU, including accurate and transparent inventory and warehousing of
procured goods.

As of now, LGUs are mandated to establish an archival system for all
government properties, goods, and documents for proper inventory and
safekeeping, but Tolentino said the process is not automated or

“The lack of automation then translates to inaccurate and inefficient
tracking of procured goods as flagged annually by the Commission on
Audit,” Tolentino stressed.

“Hence, measures that would expedite digitalization of government
processes, including inventory and warehousing of procured goods,
should be adopted by the LGUs,” he added. (ai/mtvn)

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