The following can be sung to the rhythm and cadence of one of the songs in the film EVITA by the character played by Antonio Banderas…

Gordon is investigating
The government undoing
To uncover the anomaly
Like that of Pharmally

But this angered Duterte
As lawyer for his ally
He denounced Gordon
For not knowing his weapon

Duterte says the Senate
Is not a dragnet
But only to hear the sound
In aid of legislation

He accuses Gordon
Of graft and corruption
As mayor of Olongapo
Where he called himself Apo
Acted as superior

Treating everyone as inferior
Charges Gordon of bullying
Those who are informing
As witnesses in the hearing

Look who is talking
The champion of bullying
Duterte the bully
Who defends the many –

Swimming in anomaly
Oh what a country
With leaders fighting over gravy
Owned by the people

They are robbed –by their double
Oh what a nation
Leaders shouting on television
All of them with no vision
Except for graft and corruption


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