Enchanted Kingdom gets nostalgic on its 26th year

Enchanted Kingdom gets nostalgic on its 26th year

STA. ROSA, LAGUNA—Enchanted Kingdom sparked nostalgia among its fans today when it posted photos of its younger self on its Facebook account.

You know, those days when the 25-ha property was still nearing completion back in the mid-90s. The popular amusement park in Santa Rosa, Laguna is celebrating its 26th year this October, and it seems its only birthday wish is to be allowed to open again for business. 

The Enchanted Kingdom (EK) management is eyeing to resume operations this November should the IATF allow it. Santa Rosa Mayor Arlene Arcillas has appealed to the government that it be given permit to open since its an outdoor entertainment and leisure establishment. 

Meanwhile, the EK Facebook post quickly earned a lot of engagement, with 13K+ likes in just three hours, 3,100 shares, and 900+ comments, many of them greeting EK on its anniversary and thanking the establishment for the memories.

Previous visitors posted their pictures taken in the park back in the dayโ€”some pretty recent while others seem nearly as old as those that EK posted. So when does the EK magic resume? Only Eldar The Wizard, este, the IATF has the answer.

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