Lacson is the serious leader we need to take on serious national problems—Alvarez

Lacson is the serious leader we need to take on serious national problems—Alvarez

by Ernie Reyes

MANILA – Partido Reporma chairman and standard-bearer Panfilo “Ping”
Lacson is a very serious man, who is not inclined to entertain the
public nor give in to theatrics like other politicians, which can be
an asset or his greatest test this election season.

Party president and Davao del Norte Rep. Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez
made this quick assessment Friday morning (October 22, 2021) when
asked about some of the challenges that Lacson might need to overcome
in order to push his popularity ratings further.

“Alam mo na, ‘yung mga dating ginagawa ng mga politiko—pasayaw-sayaw,
pakanta-kanta, pabiro-biro—hindi ‘yun ‘yung personahe ni (You know,
the kind of stuff that some politicians normally do—dancing, singing,
joking—that is not the personality of) Senator Ping Lacson,” Alvarez
told journalist Cito Beltran on his talk show “Agenda” over ONE News

“Si Senator Ping Lacson masyadong seryoso sa sinasabi niya. Talagang
‘pag sinabi niyang ganito ay ‘yun na ‘yon—face value, ‘yun na ‘yon.
Wala siyang ano, hindi nagsisinungaling, talagang he speaks from his
heart (Senator Ping Lacson is very serious in his words. When he says
something, that’s it, take it at face value. He doesn’t lie. He really
speaks from his heart),” he added.

But Alvarez likewise indicated that having a serious attitude can be
an asset for Lacson as a leader because our nation is currently
dealing with so many problems that are no laughing matter, including
the lingering threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The veteran lawmaker representing the first district of Davao del
Norte said Lacson is passionate about reforming the national budget
process congruent with the principles espoused by Partido Reporma to
address the pressing problems of our country.

“Ang gusto niyang mangyari ‘yung budget ng Pilipinas ay mag-uumpisa sa
barangay, saka pa lang aakyat papuntang Malacañang, papuntang
Kongreso, papuntang presidente. Maganda ‘yun para walang naiiwan sa
budget processing (What he [Lacson] wants to happen is that the budget
of the Philippines will start from the barangay level before it goes
to Malacañang, to Congress, all the way to the president. That is a
very good idea so no one will be left behind in terms of budget
processing),” Alvarez said.

Overhauling the national budget process is the primary campaign agenda
of Lacson who is running for president under Partido Reporma in tandem
with Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III of the Nationalist
Peoople’s Coalition.

Despite his fair-to-middling survey numbers at present, Alvarez
believes Lacson has huge probability of success to win the 2022
presidential elections because of his highly organized campaign team
working at the grassroots level.

“The line that will separate the winners from the losers in the coming
elections ay ‘yung organization sa grounds (is the organizations at
the ground level). Kuyang, ‘yun ‘yung ano, ‘yun ‘yung maghihiwalay sa
kanila (Brother, that is what will separate them),” Alvarez told

Lacson currently has a popularity rating of 12.5 percent based on the
latest ‘Pulso ng Pilipino’ nationwide pre-election survey conducted
between September 27 to October 08, 2021 by the Issues and Advocacy

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