Partido Reporma sets trend; first to put up hotlines and info center

Partido Reporma sets trend; first to put up hotlines and info center

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — Partido Reporma has beefed up its efforts to raise awareness
and expand its reach across the country as it put up recently an
information and call center that will respond to the public’s queries
on issues, policies, and platforms of government being raised by the
party’s chairman and 2022 elections standard-bearer Senator Panfilo

Partido Reporma is the first and only political party so far that set
up hotlines and call centers that will directly answer questions and
queries from the public concerning election-related issues.

“We are putting up a hotline and a call center to answer all questions
about the party, Senator Lacson and his team, and the policies and
platforms of government that we are pushing come the 2022 elections,”
the Membership Division of the party said on Wednesday.

At the moment, the call center has 10 to 20 agents who respond to
membership applications from different regions. They also entertain
and answer questions or queries on various issues, from highly
controversial matters down to petty ones.

“They can get all the information they wanted to learn about the
party, about Senator Ping and his team. They can even ask about his
background, and maybe even about his personal and love life,” the
statement added.

Partido Reporma also scored the need to establish the center not only
to expand the party’s reach but also to inform and educate voters amid
the proliferation of fake news on social media.

“This is our way to combat fake news and misinformation. We directly
answer all questions about issues concerning our party and our
candidates. We don’t have trolls, we have live agents who will give
you accurate information and answers,” it added.

Also, all call center agents are either bilingual or multi-lingual so
they could better relay the message across all regions.

“We have people who understand and speak local dialects for better
communication, so we can also relay the party’s message seamlessly,”
the statement added.

The call center is now fully operational and ready to take questions
using the following hotline numbers 09989861210 and 09989597200.

Aside from hotlines and info center, Partido Reporma has also
initiated “Online Kumustahan,” a virtual town hall meet where Lacson
and running mate Senator Vicente Sotto III communicate and directly
answer various issues and concerns raised by voters from different

With the setting up of call centers and hotlines, and ‘Online
Kumustahan,’ the party is confident that it will be able to convey to
the public the directions that Lacson and his team would want to
pursue should he win the elections. (ai/mtvn)

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