Ex-bf Paulo Avelino reaches out to LJ Reyes in the US but no efforts from Paolo Contis  

Ex-bf Paulo Avelino reaches out to LJ Reyes in the US but no efforts from Paolo Contis  

MANILA—It was such a nice gesture of LJ Reyes’ ex-boyfriend Paulo Avelino to reach out to the actress while in the US where she and her two children Aki and Summer are temporarily based, but her former live-in partner Paolo Contis remains silent and unmindful. Paulo Avelino is the father of Aki, his 11-year-old love child with LJ. Summer is Paolo Contis’ daughter with the 33-year old actress.

LJ related her communication with Paulo during Boy Abunda’s exclusive interview with her when the TV host visited New York on the first week of October 2021.

“We’re not friends, friends na parang every day nag-uusap, but he’s been there for Aki naman.

“He’s been in touch, especially… siya yung nag-message sa akin. Siya ang nag-send sa akin ng message. Nagsabi lang siya na, parang, ‘I know you’re going through a very difficult time.’

“At siyempre, ang iniisip niya rin is si Aki, and if anything daw that I need when it comes to Aki, I can always tell him,” LJ narrated about her exchange of messages with Paulo.  LJ and Paulo were in a relationship for four years before they broke up in 2013.

“No efforts” from Paolo

The TV host asked LJ if Paolo has done something to talk to her.

LJ quipped, “No, Tito Boy, no efforts.”

The actress related lengthily when she talked about forgiveness towards Paolo whom she loved for the past six years.

 “It’s a work in progress. Ipinagdadasal ko na mapatawad ko siya because I know that if I don’t forgive him, this very dark emotion will just eat me up and I won’t be able to move on with my kids, move forward with my kids nang maayos.

“Yung walang galit o walang… siyempre may pain. I mean, hindi pa mawawala yun. But for me to make… at least, decent decisions or decisions that will benefit my kids.

I really have to set aside all those negative emotions, which is very difficult, Tito Boy.

“Every day, I always pray na sana kapag gumawa ako ng desisyon, it will always be based on God’s will or kung ano yung makakabuti sa mga anak ko.

“I really do believe that I really have to forgive, not forget, not forget but forgive,” LJ said.

You can watch this exclusive interview on The Interviewer of The Boy Abunda Talk channel on YouTube.(ECD/MTVN)

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